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Sculptural Boundaries--Blue #1 Sculptural Boundaries--Blue #1
Sculptural boundaries are the essence of reality, scientifically they've lost definition.
Blue #1
16 x 8 x 26
June 1999

Sculptural Boundaries: Essays On Sculpture

Sculptural boundaries are the essence of reality; scientifically they've lost definition. Historically we've confused our ability to imagine the micro & macro with our genetic sense of space orientation. Due to this pattern recognition propensity, we've extended our horizons until they encompass everything and nothing, making meaningless the very processes we seek to explain with the 'Unity equals Order' theory, it's a procrustean bed. Words are the culprit, standing in place of the object; they engender unification while authorizing interpretation. The correctness of a word is not of the same order as the validity of an idea, much less the factualness of any give object. We are surrounded with words denoting ideas incomprehensible, leaving sound-bites and a multiplicity of images; we are engulfed by symbols.

Science believes order is inevitable and technology links science with religion, monoisticly. One basic law of physics equals one true god... and without this faith we're heretics; only Science knows truth, that there's an ultimate purpose to intellect, one that promises Order. A very dangerous idea, one only has to think of the last 200 yrs to see the outcome of Enlightenment, the Great Age of mass murder in the pursuit of Reason, from Rousseau to Nixon, from Hegal to Pol Pot, the ideal of one idea, one cultural positivism, one true path, is ontological reductionism.

There are two histories, two potentials, War, --the worst in mankind, and Art, the best. Technocrats administer interpretations and art is never considered at all, it's been desanctified by structuralism and cultural relativism, but if anything art speaks to sacrament, --as opposed to entropy, and could be considered more real than the symbolic logic of mathematics, which delineates without metaphor. Even if the Bose-Einstein condensate proves a single quantum state, this does not translates into universal laws of human action/behavior. We're not a frozen mass, simple laws cannot explain the complex, we're not Man but Men, unable to predict the outcome of actions, only to rise to met them... or use force to suppress. I'm shocked but not amazed, symbols being neater than actual things, and destroyable when they don't conform.