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Art & Sculpture Sites

International Sculpture Center

Sculptor Ettore Cha Ettore Cha's beautiful web site is dedicated to "...the art of examining each and every aesthetic and relational consequence regarding man, nature, animals, feelings and matter through sculpture." Mr. Cha works with ceramics, wood, and marble.

The E-Wall Paul Routledge's E-Wall is a digital gallery where visitors are invited to hang their own work, or view pieces by other artists. Paul's own work is on display, and a sample of Dubov's sculpture is hanging on Wall 2.

Hallnet Home Page This site and all the artwork displayed here is by Nigel Hall. His art includes sculptures, wood carvings, computer generated art, weavings, drawings, and watercolors.

Ceramic Sculpture and Resources


Ceramics Monthly Magazine On-Line

Critical Ceramics

Dubov's most recent "Sculptural Boundaries" Series parallels a growing movement combining ceramic sculpture and written communication. Of special interest:

The Virtual Museum of Print and Clay

Outsider Art / Art Brut

Art Behind Bars Following a tour of the Monroe County Correctional Facility in 1994 with the Victim Advocate Program, Lynne Vantriglia was struck by the lack of programs for women inmates. She was quick to realize that an art outreach program could provide a needed therapeutic outlet as well as allow female inmates to feel the pure joy of creativity and the positive reinforcement of having their work accepted. With these twin inspirations, Art Behind Bars was born. Update: the Art Behind Bars site and program has continued to grow and evolve. Visit the site and help support this excellent program.

A site displaying the talents and skills of inmates, past and present, of HMPYOI Moorland and HMP Lindholme, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Check out:
Inside Art

What is Outsider Art?

And a very handsome site, Outsider Art in Russia

Other Affiliations:

Paper Sculpture: Ellen Cline Studios

Los Angeles Caterer: Ronen Levy Productions

Culinary Educators: Chefs,Inc