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january 30 own apartment: like living in the Astrodome  ...from 83 sq. ft. to over 600  ...i'm amazed!

Stephen Dubov

Stephen Dubov with Yellowshrine
Orange 11


Orange 11

Sculptural Boundaries Series

Gallery Preview

Lithium/Copper-Gray #10

Sculptural Boundaries Series

Lithium Copper-Gray 10
En Pointe Arabesque En Pointe Arabesque

Gray #9

Sculptural Boundaries Series

In Repose/Green #8, Sculptural Boundaries Series

Green #2

Sculptural Boundaries Series

can be seen at
Mill Valley
Sculpture Garden
219 Shoreline Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA
(415) 381-9922

or visit the

Gallery Preview

for extended focus
on new and notable works.

Green #2 , Sculptural Boundaries Series


  Ven-us VI, Vens Series

Ven-us VI

The Ven Series


Dreams of Death and Hope

One of several
new additions to the

SkyLab Series

Dreams of Death and Hope, SkyLab Series


Always The Same, Hip Series Myth, Dot Series The Quatrefoil Series




Sculptural Boundaries: Essays on Sculpture

Articles and Interviews,
Dubov's "Selections from a Prison Journal"
and the essays inscribed on the
Sculptural Boundaries, on the
Writing page. New entries on the hopes and concerns of upcoming release, added October, 2003.

This website is a written and pictorial essay on the life and works of an artist, Stephen Dubov. Viewers are free to copy and exchange all information on this site for educational and artistic use; however, any commercial use is strictly forbidden.

This website was initiated and is maintained by Friends of Stephen Dubov, an informal coalition of Dubov's supporters.  Dubov has no access to or control over the site and does not benefit in any material way from the information presented here.  All written statements and quotes are taken from correspondence and were not originally written for this web site. Dubov himself has no access to the art scene, to his own exhibits and shows, to the Internet, or to the world outside except through personal visits and the postal service. The easiest way to contact him is through e-mail: all correspondence is treated confidentially, and is forwarded through the postal service. Please visit the Contact page for further information.

Friends of Stephen Dubov
T. Roedoc--San Francisco, CA
G. Posner--Ishi Graphics
D. Dubov--Red Cross/CNN
P. Dubov--University of Texas
L. Dubov--Mother
S. J.-- Southern California

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