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Yellowshrine--For Hannah Arendt
34" x 18" x 8"
June/July 2002


Yellowshrine--For Hannah Arendt
These works, your words
--eloquent in this anguished century--
gave insight and historical understanding, fit the jigsawed/pieces into places, opening an overview. So too, the details woven stretched the broken net that encircles my viewpoint. You/they changed my thinking, and of course i awoke (how could i not, you educated me). And so this monument as a symbol/statement even shrine.
Yellowshrine--For Hannah Arendt
Work-as-artifice explains my labor, as does the problem(s) of freedom, both are my problem. We/i live as you clarified, in a social system of organized guilt ruled by no one...without action, and yet the idea of beginning afresh/anew allowed me to think-rethink and then beyond this. Clay and the language remain; beyond both terror and banality, spinning stories, creating meaning, as you created for me in darktimes.
These are the words inscribed on the Blue Inside Plates.

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